Our Story

We do things to make it easy for the customer.

Our mission, is to take healthy eating mainstream.

A personal experience: The concept of HeartFood hit me when I used a barcode scanner on a mobile for the first time and right in front of me popped up the nutrition information on a box of cereal. I was blown away as it proved that mobile technology had come of age and I could use it to help my young family and others make better food buying decisions. Happy days!

We started HeartFood so that people could not only understand what a healthier food choice is but also to be able to discover new products, filter products to meet dietary issues and also to be able to buy the best products for them no matter matter where they are.

We have gathered together a global group of twenty passionate ‘HeartFooders’. Most are in Australia. We have many diferent skills to deliver a simple product which is actually quite complicated behind the scenes. The tie that binds is our unwavering belief of what is possible and what a change like this would make to peoples lives and also its potential impact on the way people buy food!

Please help us on this journey buy using HeartFood (its free) when it becomes available and experience the diference we hope it will make in your life.

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